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Bryan County Invitational Cattle Dog Trial

Top 10 Cattle Dog Handlers and Trainers in the Nation

Thought you'd enjoy seeing these pictures taken at the Bryan County Invitational Cattle Dog Trial in Durant, OK. last weekend.  A super trial with a $10,000. purse.  Cattle were Brangus, 500wt.,  heifers. and could be controlled by all dogs.  A special event,  watching the top ten handlers in the united States work their Cowdogs.
Many thanks to Dave Mollenhour for the super effort  producing this event, and procuring the many sponsors for such a large purse.  All the volunteers working the show were Bankers, Cattle feed Reps, Veterinarians , Business owners from near and far, etc. Surely the only time I've ever seen cattle turned out by cowboys dressed in three piece suits and wearing a tie....first time....Only Dave Mollenhour could get that done !!!  Then, there was that beautiful plaque he presented to me.  Everlasting memories....

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